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  A new science fiction adventure series!  

Recess Heroes Face the Moon Fumes by J. E. Bright

Thrills! Excitement! Laughs! Join the Recess Heroes on their team's mission to the Moon to stop angry aliens from invading our Earth!

Read the Kindle or paperback edition today: Recess Heroes Face the Moon Fumes!


The best joke book!


Bernie's Best Jokes by J. E. Bright

Laugh at more than 350 hilarious punchlines in Bernie's Best Jokes! This kooky cat’s collection of kid-friendly clean jokes has tons of nutty funniness so everybody gets the giggles. Don’t miss the silliness! Includes quirky pictures on every page. Available in Kindle, paperback, and iBook editions.

Read some sample jokes!

Visit the Bernie Shrine to learn more about this wacky cat.

Go to the Bright Store to snag some silly chic Bernie swag. T-shirts, hoodies, and more!



Two new Grimm & Gross fairy tales!


Grimm and Gross: The Brave Little Tailor by J. E. Bright


A jar of jam and a bunch of flies start off the not-quite-normal adventure in Grimm & Gross: The Brave Little Tailor. A young tailor named Abraham Spoke swats seven of the flies with one smack of his belt. He's so impressed by his own bravery that he sews the words “SEVEN IN ONE STROKE” on his belt. As Abe travels the world, everyone who reads those words assumes the little guy is strong and powerful. Which can be dangerous when giants and clever kings challenge Abe to prove his might!


Grimm and Gross: Hans in Luck by J. E. Bright

In Grimm & Gross: Hans in Luck, a young man named Hans trying to get home has a series of hilarious encounters with other travelers. Hans ends up trading one thing for another along his journey, from gold to a goose to a scissor-grinder and more! This fractured retelling of a lesser-known tale from the Brothers Grimm will make readers giggle, groan, and gasp with delight. Especially when they see why Hans thinks he is the luckiest guy in the world.



A new Kindle exclusive Justice League storybook!


Justice League Villainess Vengeance by J. E. Bright


In Villainess Vengeance, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy try to put an end to the popular Arena Insanity show based on their characters . . . by threatening the stunt performers and the audience! The Justice League must use their powers and smarts to thwart the villainesses' plans for revenge.



New! A Batman & Robin Adventures chapter book!


Batman and Robin Advenutres: The Riddler's Battleship Blitz


In The Riddler's Battleship Blitz, Batman and Robin have to figure out tricky Enigma codes to stop the Riddler from stealing a military museum on a fully-operational battleship!





A new Marvel Super Hero Adventures novelty book!



In The Amazing Chase, Spider-Man and the Avengers race through New York City, stopping bad guys in every new location. The cardboard Spider-Man can be moved along the book to each die-cut spread whenever a page is turned. Get 'em, Spider-Man!



New! Another hilarious Splat the Cat storybook!


Splat the Cat and the Big Secret storybook by J. E. Bright


Shhhhh! Can you keep a secret? In Splat the Cat and the Big Secret, everyone's favorite frazzled cat has a secret of his own. When Splat overhears his parents planning a trip to Cat Kingdom for his sister’s birthday, he’s overjoyed. There’s just one problem — it’s a secret! Can Splat contain his excitement, or will he blow the big secret?



The newest LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes chapter book


DC Comics Super Heroes Cosmic Clash by J. E. Bright


In LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Cosmic Clash, Brainiac stages an invasion of Earth so he can snatch the planet for his collection, and he scatters the Justice League through time when they resist his world grab. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Green Lantern, and the Flash (with an assist from Supergirl!) will have to work together to return to the present and stop the enormous robot alien from stealing Earth.


A new LEGO City storybook


lego city escape from prison island


Three bumbling crooks plan and carry out an action-packed jailbreak in LEGO City: Escape from Prison Island. Will the cops catch them before they get away . . . or will their escape be stopped by the sharks circling in the stormy sea?



Legends homegrown in the U.S.A.

Famous American Folktales 
gathers the most famous and shared tall tales in the USA. Beautifully illustrated, it is a perfect book for bedtime. It includes "The Phantom Train of Marshall Pass," "Sasquatch," "The Maid in the Mist," "Paul Bunyan and the Hard Winter," "Moll Pitcher the Fortune Teller," "Guardian of Yosemite," and "Jackalope."



Get the facts about the U.S.A.

american fun facts

American Fun Facts presents 32 adorably-illustrated pages of amazing information about the incredible natural world, businesses, people, entertainment, buildings, and history found in the United States of America.




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