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Your sneak preview of Follow Your Heart #1: Your Best Friend's Boyfriend, published by Scholastic books, continues below!



"Hey," you blurt out, holding up your camera to show Mike. "I kind of caught a moment during the game. It's a great shot, and you're in it --"

Mike's eyebrows go up in a cute, interested expression. "Oh, yeah? Cool."

"See?" Sally says. "I've got media connections."

You take a deep breath, unsure how Mike will react to the truth about the photo. "But the pic doesn't show you in the best light," you tell Mike. "I mean, actually the lighting is great, but you might not be flattered by how I caught you. You're falling."

"Delete it," says Sally. "Easy as pie to say goodbye."

"No!" both you and Mike reply at the same time. "It's --"

Mike laughs.

You hug your camera to your chest, protecting it. "You first," you tell Mike.

Looking down, Mike pulls a shin guard out of his long soccer sock. "Honesty is important in art, isn't it? Don't delete it -- unless you want to. I can handle the truth."

While Mike's head is down, you take the opportunity to sneak a peek at his legs close up. He has big calf muscles. His bent kneecaps are round and cute. You glance up at Sally, and she's looking at Mike's legs, too. Your eyes meet and Sally smiles. "Hot," she mouths at you.

You can only manage a weak smile as you nod in agreement.

While Mike packs his gym bag, you feel a sudden rush of courage. "Stop by our newspaper office," you say, "and I'll print you out a copy of the photo. I caught some other good ones today, too."

"I'd like to see them," Mike replies. He puts his arm around Sally, and you try to ignore the need to cringe. Sally is your best friend! You two have shared secrets since 3 rd grade -- who else would have kept the raspberry jam incident a secret? You should be happy that she found Mike.

Sally rests her head on Mike's shoulder. "Or you could just give the printouts to me," she says. "I'll see Mike again before you will."

"That would work, too," you say.

Mike stands up and hoists his bag over his shoulder. "You ready?" he asks Sally.

"Mike's driving me home so I can get ready for our date tonight," she tells you. "Want him to drop you off on the way?"

"It's no problem," Mike says. He looks right at you and you don't know how to interpret his expression -- it's intense and direct. Does he want you to come with them?

You know you shouldn't. It's not good, this feeling that you want to stay in Mike's company. It's bad. Sally's friendship is too important to you. "No, thanks," you say. "I'm going back to the newspaper office to get some stuff done."

Mike nods, and heads toward the parking lot. Sally lingers beside you for a moment until he's out of earshot. "You were great," she says. "He's cute, right?"

"Very," you agree, trying to sound casual. "He's into you, I can tell. Hold on to this one."

She giggles. "Yeah, I will," she replies. "OK, got to run." Sally gives you a quick hug and then hurries after Mike.

He's opening his car door when he sees you looking, and he waves. You wave back. Mike's car is a beat-up old BMW. It's the color of champagne.

"Enjoy the movie!" you shout, and then you stand there and watch as they drive out of the parking lot.

With a big sigh, you turn toward your school. Your brother Peter is coming out of the side door with a couple of the Stallions. "Good work, guys," you tell them as you pass by. "I got some good shots for the paper."

"All in a day's work," Peter replies. "And now we are off to celebrate the total and utter destruction of the North Cliff Eagles." Which gets a bunch of hand slapping from his teammates. You know the other guys -- Dave and Carlos. Both of them are pretty cute. Carlos, in particular, has a sweet, sexy smile. He's also in your English class, and he usually has intelligent things to say about the books your class is reading.

"Winning by one goal is not utter destruction," you tease, and then you start to push past them into the school.


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