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Maybe. . .

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I think we’re up and running! I’ve added all my children’s books over the past few days — quite an undertaking, given there were 106 to categorize on this site. I’ve written more, but those were under pseudonyms other than J. E. Bright, or were in online or app formats that no longer exist, or are no longer available for other reasons.

Please let me know if you have any trouble navigating the site. The book filtering system was the biggest headache in making this new home on WordPress, and I hope it works for you. Please let me know, too, if you see any weird transitions between desktop, tablet, or phone access. I’ve tried to make this site as responsive to different devices as possible, but that’s not always so easy.

Next up: moving my recommendations for other author’s children’s books over to this site, and reinstating my authors’ shrines.

Thanks for your patience during this changeover, and thanks for reading!

-J. E.